Everyone has a story to tell...

Au-gust {adj:  inspiring reverence or admiration} 

An-thol-o-gy {noun:  a collection by one author}

Hello, my name is Claire and welcome to August Anthology.  My family heritage is full of amazing people with incredible life stories. We’ve had a stowaway on a pirate ship, a tail gunner in World War II, and a travelling salesman, just to name a few. My grandmother has done an excellent job of recording and documenting all of the stories. Yet it just isn’t the same as having those special people tell their own incredible stories from their very own point of view.  My hope is to bring beauty and inspiration to families by helping them to hold onto and honor the life stories of those they love.

August Anthology Albums are special because the stories told within them are shared from the perspective of your loved one. Their memories and milestones and triumphs, which mean so much to you, could be right there to be cherished for generations to come.

With a personal interview and a collection of old photographs, August Anthology will bring together those precious life stories of your loved one and arrange them into a beautiful, hardback, heirloom-quality Album.

Please contact Claire at info@AugustAnthology.com to schedule your Personal Interview.